The wood framing, insulation and stucco finish were completed in 3 months.

The principal concept of the architectural design was a large central square atrium that stepped down to form a gathering place for friends and family.

The central Atrium is surrounded by a formal living room, a dinning room, a family room and an office.


Mackintosh Home – 1988

 The fourth side is a wall that separates it from a kitchen.
The kitchen is open to the outside garden on one side and has an intimate dinning area on the other that opens to the family room. All four bedrooms are located on the second floor, one master and three smaller bedrooms.
Each bedroom has its own closet and bathroom.
All the bedrooms are connected to the circular staircase by an open corridor that looks down into the formal living room, the atrium and the foyer.
A guest powder room is nestled under the circular staircase on the ground floor. The architecture had a Mackintosh touch which satisfied the taste of the owner who is my own son, Saadi Darvish.
After a few years a Texan man liked the house and its interior finish and decor. He made an attractive offer to purchase the house along with all its furnishing and even all picture frames!
The purchase took place in the spring of 2012.

Mackintosh Home Book

Including detailed Architectural plans; Elevations, sections and Photos