Mr. and Mrs. Avignone after having followed the construction of Borgofranco house «Villa Botalla» decided to abandon their existing house design and asked me to design a new project for them.

Although I gave them a very high fee for the design, to make them change their mind, and continue with the other Architect’s design, they still accepted my proposal, and so I started the design of a new project for them.


Albiano Canavese (Torino) |1965

The most emotional memory of this project was when after thirty years they decided to sell their house, they tried to find me and ask for my permission to sell their house. They found me in the United States. I am really proud of my dedication to my works.


About the Design:
In order to keep the view of the surrounding nature unobstructed, no columns were used at the corner of the living area.
A sliding screen covers the large windows for protection from sunshine, but the double side design allows vision from inside to outside and obscures visibility from the outside.
The chimneys have double or triple orthogonal ducts to allow for exhaust discharge from the kitchen, fireplaces and mechanical room in any wind conditions.
Slate stone makes the roof with a decorative wood structure underneath.
The tavern at the ground floor garden level has a fireplace constructed from wood, with copper lining the inside.
The Architect also designed the tavern furniture.
The balconies overhang from the steel columns and steel handrails enclose them.

Casa Albiano (Villa Botalla) Book

Including detailed Architectural plans; Elevations, sections and Photos

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