This house was for a builder who worked on several of my house projects. When he asked me to design his house I accepted and told him «I will design a crazy house for a crazy man» He was a very pleasant person.
The house is very well integrated with its surroundings and nature. It has an exceptional view of the Canavese, which consists of 7 lakes and the Dora Battea River.
The roof consists of a thin shell (7 cm thick) in the form of a hyperbolic paraboloid. Two symmetrical points linked by an underground chain beam absorb the load and stresses of the roof.
These two support points also channel the drainage from the roof. A third point of the roof extends up vertically and serves as an exhaust for HVAC, kitchen hood, an outdoor barbecue and supports a TV antenna.

Villa Baita Luis Book

Including detailed Architectural plans; Elevations, sections and Photos

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