Alabama Courthouse, City and County Building Concour

  • Exterior of the building is articulation of its functions.
  • Grandsire of entrance and rotund is shaped by Courthouse, City and County.
  • Large covered areas on main entrance, protects the pedestrians approaching the building from parking and during festivities and national celebrations.
  • Vitriol all of the ground floor excluding the municipal court may be used during festivities in a variety of ways.
  • All public spaces are located outside of security control. Public before going thru security points will see info & directory and can find his way to courthouses, city and county destinations simply by one of three designated elevator banks.
  • All spaces on ground floor and Mezzanine I.C. City, County public meeting chamber, law library, Jury assembly are accessible after hours and during weekend easily controlled and manageable.
  • Travel time from ground floor to 4th floor (1st floor of city, county administrative offices) is 12 seconds. By a medium speed elevator (400 FPM).
  • City, county administrative floors, stair and elevator arrangement will allowed any change, separation or unification of offices in each floor and department independently.
  • Ample natural light is provided for offices and those spaces that need it.
  • Shapes of building resists the lateral forces and diverts the high winds upward. Soft angels of exterior and roof avoid vortex and suction during strong winds.
  • Trudges parking at +7’ level is separate from rest of the basement and one elevator with 2nd optional elevator has direct access to interior corridors in court house elevator (s) also may extend to city, county executive floors.

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