VILLA BAITA LUIS ANDRATE (TORINO) – 1965 This house was for a builder who worked on several of my house projects. When he asked me to design his house I accepted and told him «I will design a crazy house for a crazy man» He was a very pleasant person.The house is very well integrated […]


Mr. and Mrs. Avignone after having followed the construction of Borgofranco house «Villa Botalla» decided to abandon their existing house design and asked me to design a new project for them. Although I gave them a very high fee for the design, to make them change their mind, and continue with the other Architect’s design, […]


The design and the construction of the house was completed in seven months.The house is a three story building: the ground floor at garden level where, at the entrance, there is a suit for the “Grand Ma” of the family. CASA BOTALLA BORGOFRANCO (TORINO) – 1962 The first floor for day living, consisting of a […]


VILLA CARPI MONTALTO DORA (TORINO) – 1965 This two-story house, plus basement, was for the Dean of a technical school.Due to the limited size of the land and our decision to provide sunlight to all Bedrooms, the second floor were rotated by 45 degrees on axis, creating four triangular balconies.These balconies are covered by four […]